Friday, January 25, 2013

Green Boating Tips

1. Choose Green Products: Look for EPA-certified "Design for the Environment" DfE label.
                                              Benefit: Safer products reduce water pollution

2. Use the Right Prop: Allows your engine to reach its designed wide-open-throttle RPM.
                                             Benefit: Reduces fuel consumption & improves performance

3. Don't Push Water: Install and use trim tabs or hydrofoils.
                                           Benefit: Improves boat performance & fuel consumption

4. Keep the Bilge Clean: Avoid accidental discharge of oily water by using a sorbent in each bilge area.                          Benefit: Reduces water pollution

5. Retire that 2 Stroke Outboard: Modern 4-stroke outboard reduces noise, fumes, fuel consumption, and pollution. For an even quieter ride, try an electric outboard.
                                            Benefit: Save on gas and water pollution

6. Recycle your Lead-Acid Batteries:12V batteries are the most recycled products in the world.                                  Benefit: Save money & conserve resources

7. Use an Autopilot: Modern autopilots can steer better than most helms persons.
                                            Benefit: Reduces fuel consumption

8. Recycle your Monofiament Fishing Line: Research recycling programs near you.

9. Eat Responsibly Harvested Seafood: Chose sustainable seafood at restaurants or grocery stores  to ensure fish stocks are plentiful for future generations to come.

10. Prevent Fuel Spills & Reduce Fuel Usage:
       * Use or install a device to prevent overboard discharges from your tank vent
       * Slower speeds on the water reduce fuel usage
       * Proper use of trim tabs reduces drag
       * Minimize idle time at the dock
       * Minimize the use of on board generators
       * Use dockside electrical power
       * Have a float plan
       * A well tuned engine uses less fuel

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