Monday, February 4, 2013


The Tigé Convex VX:  Manages water flow to generate the biggest, cleanest, most powerful surf wave ever created behind a boat!
Tigé continues to further improve and enhance the surf wave you expect from a boat, their latest patented innovation the Convex VX, is a hull extension device designed to enhance the running surface of your Tigé at wakesurf speeds. The Convex VX takes Tigé’s pro level wave to an unrivaled height, as it is longer, stronger, and more powerful than any other boat on the water. The extension also creates a smooth, deep pocket that easy to dial in time after time, making the best wave even better.

Extending Your Wave
The Convex VX is a fiberglass extension that extends the legendary Convex V hull. The patented extension flows seamlessly with the style of your boat, as it connects to the swim platform and is easily removable when necessary
 The Power in Propulsion
The center tunnel of the Convex VX effectively channels water from the propulsion system downward under and into the wave. Utilizing the power generated by the prop to increase the size, volume, and density of the Convex VX surf wave

Less Just Became More
If you have a 20-foot boat but need the power of a 22-foot boats surf wave to land your fresh new trick, all you need is the Convex VX. This device flaunts push, length and smoothness that require less work on you and more focus on the fun
Your Wave. Your Way.
The adjustability is endless as the Convex VX works hand in hand with TAPS2 technology and the Convex V hull. The combination gives you complete control and capability to dial in your perfect surf wave on either side of the boat at any time.
Dimensional by Design
There is no need to detach the Convex VX when you are ready to rock the wakeboard as there is no effect. Once on plane, you’ll still get the great monster wakeboard wake the Convex V is notorious for.
Room to Recover
A primary benefit of the Convex VX is the ability to recover. With the amount of power, push, and the extended length of the wave generated by the Convex VX, you are now able to recover and regain your push further back in the wave than ever before.


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