Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Quiet Ride by Sea Ray

What Is Quiet Ride by Sea Ray?

Quiet Ride is method of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) reduction designed to create a luxury boating experience. The proprietary technology uses acoustical forensics, advanced engineering and sound-attenuation materials to deaden sound and vibration at the source. It is not bolt-on equipment or an afterthought. It is a fundamental change in the build process that only Sea Ray has delivered.
How Quiet Ride Works

Quiet Ride targets four distinct areas of NVH reduction:

1)      Patented Tuned Transom from Omni Products Inc. that reduces noise and vibration created by engine and drive

2)      Special inner laminate material in the hull, deck and liner that reduces noise and vibration from water hitting the hull

3)      Precise engineering and fit and finish of components to reduce noise and vibration throughout the boat

4)      Full-beam bulkheads and acoustical insulation to trap and absorb noise and vibration before they can enter the cockpit
Benefits of Quiet Ride

·         Less Noise (enjoy the stereo when running) 
·         Less Vibration
·         Smooth Ride
·         Luxury boating experience

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