Tuesday, February 19, 2013


BOW: Front of the boat
STERN: Back of the boat

PORT: Left side of boat if facing bow

STARBOARD: Right side of boat if facing bow
WAKE: The wave (V shaped water) that trails behind a boat

BALLAST: A system to bring water on board a boat to increase the size of the wake
BIMINI TOP: Collapsible sunshade made of canvas allowing breeze to pass through in all directions

GUNNEL: Outermost edge of the boat all the way round
DECK: Outer portion of the boat that is above the gunnel

HULL: The part of the boat below the gunnel, including the area underwater
DRAFT: The depth of water a boat can travel over without hitting the bottom

HELM: Steering & throttling control station of the boat

COCKPIT: Area behind the helm, usually not fully enclosed
KEEL: Centre line along the bottom of boat

HEAD: Enclosed toilet/washroom area
TRIM: Running attitude of the boat, affects performance, ride quality & fuel efficiency

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